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Irish Lotto tickets give players a much better chance of winning a lottery jackpot than many other big money games from around the world, thanks to impressive odds of hitting the top prize of one in 10,737,573. This compares favourably with lottery games like Mega Millions, in which you stand a one in 175,711,536 of winning the jackpot.

Irish Lotto draws take place on Saturday and Wednesday evenings, with players choosing their own numbers or opting for a Quick Pick to randomly generate their lines for them. To win the jackpot, which starts at a guaranteed €2 million, you must match six main balls from a pool of 47. Ticket holders can also claim prizes for matching at least two main numbers and the Bonus Ball.

Thanks to rollovers, the Irish Lotto jackpot often rises well above €2 million, with the largest ever payout coming on 28th June 2008 when a group of workers from a quarry in Co Carlow shared €18.9 million.

All Irish Lotto prizes are paid as a single cash lump sum and, although there is no tax payable on Irish Lotto prizes within Ireland, you may face tax implications in your own country. Make sure you check with a professional to work out what you might owe.

irish lotto tickets
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Irish Lotto draws offer eight chances to win a prize:



Odds of Winning

6 Numbers


1 in 10,737,573

5 Numbers + Bonus Ball

Estimated €100,000

1 in 1,789,596

5 Numbers


1 in 44,740

4 Numbers + Bonus Ball


1 in 17,896

4 Numbers


1 in 918

3 Numbers + Bonus Ball


1 in 688

3 Numbers

Estimated €9

1 in 54

2 Numbers + Bonus Ball

€3 Scratchcard

1 in 72

The odds of winning any Irish Lotto prize are 1 in 29.

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